Since 1998, Dan has been writing and recording music professionally for various mediums, artists, groups, and publications around the globe.


Starting first with the Piano at a very young age, he began to write his own arrangements of his favorite music and started to compose symphonic accompaniment to go along with it.  As more time went on, he realized that he needed to be more well versed with other instruments in order to fully understand their function and be able to use them in his creations.


He started with the drums and percussion, then added guitar and bass, and moved on to vocals and harmonies to help him better understand songwriting and enable him to be able to perform all the parts needed for a basic recording and not hinder the creative process.

At age 16, he released his debut solo Piano album, "Presence of Mind", which featured 11 tracks of original songs recorded, mixed and mastered at Digital Underdog Studios in Guelph, Ontario and produced by Canadian Producer mastermind Dave Thompson.


In 2003, he released his two disc symphonic album entitled, "Inner Sanctum Film Sessions" which featured not only piano but full symphonic orchestration and original film score compositions.


His latest release, "The Refiner's Fire" (2010), was a response to requests for him to put out a CD featuring his own arrangements of some of his favorite spiritual music.  It also includes 3 original pieces as well.


He is currently a full time member of the Acoustic Piano Pop group "The Foreground" and has released a CD under their band name entitled, "Discovery".


Worked With:

  *Dave Thompson


  *The Foreground

  *Bret Slack

  *Stëphen Werner

  *Nolan Rittle

  *Jeff Smith


  *Night Fades Day

  *Amanda & Trisha

  *Kelly Ehlers

  *Ken Schubert

  *Henri Bonan