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1 - Intro

2 - #2

3 - One Man's Dream

4 - Battle of the Dragons

5 - Liquid Waterfall

6 - Innocent Eyes

Here you can find complete track listings & info about each of Dan's Albums.

7 - Ethereal Angel

8 - Iridescence

9 - Music Box

10 - Mirage

11 - Outro

Recorded in Toronto Canada, this CD is the first put out by Dan Bryant with his first group OFFKEY.  It features 11 tracks in the style of contemporary piano instrumentals.  Steve Govern provides not only drum beats, but encorporates every aspect of his drumset to create really ambient effects and purcussion elements which make this album unique.  Reminds most people of early Yanni or Jim Brickman.  Dan Bryant recorded this album at age 14, and it was released two years later in 2000.

1 - Prologue

2 - When Autumn Leaves Fall

3 - Heaven's Light

4 - Metropolis

5 - Key's of Inspiration

6 - Remember

7 - Traveler's Anthem

8 - Intermission

9 - False Sense of Reality

10 - The Harp Song

11 - The Moment After

12 - Journey to the Land of the Elves

13 - Wish Upon a Star

14 - Enduring Faith

15 - Tribute to the Fallen

16 - Sweet Hour of Prayer

17 - Fond Memories

18 - Music Box (Tribute to 9/11)

19 - Voyage Home

20 - Fall With Me

21 - Christmas Medley

22 - Intermission

23 - Rainfall

24 - Enduring Faith (Instrumental)

25 - On the Spot

26 - One Man's Dream (Alt. Version)

27 - We Thank Thee O God

28 - Finale/Ending Credits

After what seemed like a long break, Dan Bryant returned to the studio after two years to record another epic album.  This, unlike the last, features a full symphony and much more creativity.  Not only are there a lot of tracks, but each track tells a part of a story.  Beginning with the Prologue, each song takes you on a journey through good times, bad times, hard times, and brings out the innocence in creativity with a little imagination.  Although most of the songs feature piano, there are plenty of symphonic instrumentals and scores as well as dramatic accompaniment by the orchestra.  Let the journey begin!

1 - I Need Thee Every Hour

2 - Be Still My Soul

3 - Come Thou Fount

4 - Finally Free

5 - Lord, I Would Follow Thee

6 - Abide With Me

7 - How Great Thou Art

8 - Across Eternity

9 - If You Could Hie to Kolob

10 - Amazing Grace

11 - First Day of Life

For years, ever since he began playing out, Dan has performed at various churches playing his own arrangments of his favorite hymns or spiritual music.  From the very beginning people requested a CD.  Finally they have their wish.  The Refiner's Fire brings those arrangments to life as well as brings a few more to the table.  To diversify the album further, he is featuring other artists on the album; previously undone in his entourage of music.  The CD features tracks from all different sects and favorites of different nations.  The CD will also feature some original songs as well.


1 - To Be Determind

2 - Maybe Now

3 - All Over Again

4 - Just This Once

5 - Carry Me On

6 - I Need a Drive

7 - A.W.O.L.

8 - When I'm With You

9 - Discovery

10 - The Truth Comes Out

11 - With This Lullaby

12 - I'm here if you Want Me

Recorded at his very own Mystic Tree Studios in Utah, this is Dan's first commercial release outside of his solo works.  It features Acoustic guitars, strings, percussion, vocals, and written in the style of Acoustic Piano Pop.  It's 12 songs that cover various emotions of life from the best to the tough times.  It features Dan on the piano, strings, and harmony vocals and his little brother Jonathan as the lead vocalist and guitarist.  It is a combination of all of their varioius influcences and styles in one CD.

1 - Chasing Sunsets

2 - You Had Me Going

3 - A Better Life for the Taking

4 - Give Me a Chance

5 - Amber Roses

6 - I Am the Architect

7 - Who We Are

8 - Escaping Indecision

9 - Life in Suspense

10 - True North

11 - Reflect, Evolve, Inspire

12 - Lead the Way

Helping shape the sound that became "The Foreground", Dan helped write a lot of the material that ended up on the sophomore album.  From start to finish, this entire album was recorded, produced, and performed at his very own Mystic Tree Studios.  Mixed by Casey Bates (The Classic Crime) and Mastered by the late Chris Bauer of Audio Mastering Services.  Taking the style you've come to know as The Foreground to new heights. Piano Pop Rock that drives melody and syncopated rhythm with lyrics that provoke thought and emotion. This is the evolution.

The Foreground - REI album cover